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Tracy Saville

Wow. I make it my business to find leading minds and perspectives from thought leaders, practitioners, and innovative entrepreneurs doing the kind conscious work in the world I stand for...you are truly extraordinary! Loved your Virgin submission and the work you are doing - would you like to be a regular contributing writer to our magazine? I am always looking to expand the expert pool for our readers (if you visit us you'll get us immediately). Email me at tracy@t2ps.com if interested....and also explore the magazine community site and look at editorial page off main navigation for more about topics. Links below.

The precision and clarity with which you communicate solutions to what my friend Colonel Tom Koldtiz (director of the Behavioral Sciences Department of West Point Military Academy) called a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) is really valuable. I know you know that - we'd love to syndicate your genius and help you tell your story and perspectives to those waking up to that possibility. We are a frew site for users/readers - reach about 25K now and increasing 10% per month...we have international writers, are full-service publishers of books, and aggressively syndicate vis social media our content at expert levels.

Your voice - our readers would so benefit from!

In gratitude-
Tracy Saville

Tray Saville
Publisher and owner/editor-in-chief of LeadingPossibilities Magazine, Possibility Publishing & Entertainment (books/creative content - www.possibilityplace.net - and leadership company www.t2ps.com

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