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Jeff and Marja Allen

To the Jones family.

Your father was an inspiration to my parents, who also own land on little Hastings lake. This made them determined to be stewarts of the land, to preserve the natural quality of the land. We still admire your father's dedication and we personally treasure a blue jay painting by Edgar himself.
Jeff and Marja Allen


Thanks Jeff and Marja for your comment on Dad. At the reception we heard many stories and as his daughter who paddled with him on Hastings Lake.. well.. I will miss him as will all those whose lives he touched. With gratitude! Dawna

David Fell

On behalf of the RAF Elsham Wolds Association in the UK may I offer our sincere condolences to you and your family on the loss of your father. Edgar is still remembered here from his time with 103 Squadron. Regards David Fell


David thanks so much. He leaves a big gap.. actually both mom and dad do but at least now they are reunited. Many stories came home from the Elsham Wolds days. Appreciate you taking the time to comment.

Nancee Doan

Hi. I've already posted to your daughter's post on your Dad. Maybe you remember June and Ken Doan, my parents. I was at your Dad's movie showing of the trip you all took through Africa etc. and it impressed me for life!! I'm sure that he had a lot to do with my love of birds and wildlife over the years. I came looking tonight for information on your Dad for a fellow who gives bird tours. I found your post. I know I'm a bit late in wishing you condolences but they do come sincerely from my heart. I loved your parents and often have wondered how they were. After Dad passed the two families seemed to lose touch. I know Mom has one of your Dad's paintings... the one of a blue heron. Unfortunately I'm not the one who gets it when she has to pass it on some day. (Mom is 86 and in a Home in Kamloops where I now live.)
I hope your Dad gets published. I don't see any sign of it yet. I have posted your daughter's page to facebook for my family to read.

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