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Patric Roberts

Money is symbolic notes for the exchange of human commitment. I (you) (we) (us) live in networks of conversations addressing permanent human concerns in business and money is symbol of exchange. In social domain of reference the other is legitimate in coexistence in the mutual exchange communitarian distributive relationship. In domain of power domain based in competition, exclusion and appropriation the other is not taken as legitimate in coexistence, and has different consequences in how we design a world together. The future in my humble assessment is about how we design our promises in social relations as humanity in the network of global business conversations addressing permanent human concerns of future generations. Thanks


Thanks Patric. Two things come to mind: 1) money will cease to exist as a form of exchange and we may well revert back to community cooperation; 2) trust will eventually underpin all economic endeavors as it once did prior to the industrial revolution. That doesn't mean that everyone is trust worthy.. it just means that increasingly people will rely on the quality of relationships and the integrity of the community network to make their decisions re: who they engage with in any form of value exchange.

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