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Hareem Deeba

Dear Dawna,

Greetings from triple Bottom-Line!

I am the managing editor of Triple Bottom-Line (TBL), a specialized CSR journal of Pakistan and I am writing to you with an interest to reproduce this review in the upcoming issue of our publication.

tbl has readership of around 5,000 thought-leaders and opinion-formers from various sectors, including corporate, government, NGO, financial, academia and media. The publication is available to read online as well at www.tbl.com.pk . The website has received over 45,000 visitors from 173 countries in its first 18 months. It has a high visibility on search engines and consistently pulls up among top ten CSR searches in Pakistan.

It will be great if you could allow us to publish the piece!

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Thank You!

Best Regards,

Hareem Deeba
Managign Editor
Triple Bottom-Line


Thanks Hareem. I am delighted that you are interested and have replied by email, copying Chris Laszlo, co-author. Your website looks great and I am grateful to you for the work you are doing to raise the awareness, and provide tools. Lets keep in touch!

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