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Grace Kerina


I'd heard of the HeartMath Institute before reading your post, but I'm now totally fascinated. Thank you for this post and your interview with Dr. McCraty.

The implications of this research for validating a variety of highly sensitive traits is impressive. I don't mean validating them to highly sensitive people (HSPs), but to those who discount the traits as non-existent or unimportant. It's particularly interesting that the functions you and Dr. McCraty discuss are functions of all of us humans, not only HSPs.

Thanks again for passing along this useful information.

Grace Kerina

Dawna Jones

Grace..thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. The research done by HeartMath is incredibly valuable as it points to the science behind our humanity and helps us embrace much more talent than we allow if we only use logical/analytical as a validator. Also, many of the executives and individuals I work with exclude their heart's intelligence which simply doesn't work anymore. It never did but it was more possible to get by. ...now...not so much. Glad to see the work you are doing for highly sensitive people..many don't know who they are and so don't see it as a gift.

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