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Intuition made Aloha the basis for the culture of Hawaii; and then for the society. Aloha is intuitive tough love.
This Spirit of Aloha created by and for the culture has an unique effect in Hawaii. The word Aloha in the Hawaiian language includes meanings of: affection, love, compassion, respect, honor, all good wishes, hello, and goodbye.

Aloha is used in Hawai'i as a greeting and as a benediction (variations occur based on circumstances). Aloha is an (unspoken) acknowledgment that: "We (all) share the breath of life."

Aloha abhors violence of any kind if coupled with disrespect.
Aloha does not forbid violence, or encourage it. There is a simple recognition that many things happen in life - even while consciously sharing the breath of life.

Dawna Jones

Thank you for that. There are traditions around the world whose wisdom has never been so important to our capacity to see the whole with greater depth. It is time.

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