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Steve Roesler

Dawna, the simplicity of connection and inspiration trumps the complexity of "engagement initiatives" every time.

I'm not sure there's been a legitimate employee survey done in the past 30 years that doesn't reflect the desire to be part of the solution by being made a part of "what's going on" (connection).

What continues to amaze me is that organizations will pay big bucks to commission studies and surveys whose results are always the same. Yet the next action taken is another study somewhere down the road and not the action their people told them would prove helpful.

One has to wonder how much confirming information is needed to bring about a change. Or if the surveys somehow represent a placating "gesture" vs. a genuine attempt at making a difference.

Dawna Jones

I totally agree Steve. It seems to me that surveying is a poor proxy for connecting the dots and taking action. Somewhere, somehow there is a complacency that abounds and blocks seeing the obvious. Perhaps taking action has become too risky. If so, one can only wonder what would happen to the productivity of those companies in the habit of surveying, IF they enabled performance.

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