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Steve Roesler


As a lifelong working musician (the guy your father wouldn't let you go out with), the Stanford study really confirms what most musicians have experienced: music can change the heart and mind in unimaginable ways. For many of us, that is why we keep performing.

As for Baroque in the workplace, I'm thinking about the client locations that I've visited over the past couple of weeks. None had any music--in fact, in some offices it is not allowed. But I was placed on hold during a number of different phone calls and am always aware of the type of music selected. One firm did use Baroque and it was, in fact, quite soothing.

Now I not only have to listen to the interview with you and Dr. Lipton, but am digging into the iTunes for a little Baroque background melody. I'll see if it has any personal impact and let you know.

In the event that I start to nod off, there is a great James Brown track as a back-up.

Good stuff, Dawna...

Dawna Jones

Thanks Steve! Always good to hear a musician is helping consult with the companies. Would love to find out how your training as a musician bridges and informs workplace situations. Appreciate your comments.

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