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With the rapid amound of change and uncertainty it is easy to feel confused but these conditions can also be used to do things differently; innovation and higher performance with reduced stress. Dawna combines over twenty-five years of experience facilitating organizational change, community building and advanced leadership skills, with a holistic system-wise understanding of the science and spirit behind human dynamics, performance, and change innovation. She develops leaders who are comfortable working with ambiguity and uncertainty to participate in corporate culture change while keeping an eye on the big picture. Underpinning all life, including organizational performance, are invisible forces. Dawna has learned to work with these and teaches others how to do so in a way that brings comfort to the unknown. Inspirational Speaker, workshop leader, consciousness coach and writer, you can reach Dawna at InsightDawnaJones at Gmail dot com.


watching funny movies, travelling, horseback riding, hiking with my daughter and dog, skiing with and without gravity involved, counting waves, watching good soccer, buying books and hoping to read them, looking at design, art and architecture magazines with lots of pictures, reading about astrophysics, health science, animal sciences and not remembering the details.